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Naughty Ninja

Naughty Ninja aka Jamila Nedjadi is a cynic secretly cloaked in optimism. She blames this on the theological differences of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, whenever convenient. A long-time consumer of Japanese pop culture, her boundless enthusiasm is matched only by her deep-seated disillusionment and suspicion of those who would let the standards down.

temporalhiccup at gmail dot com / naughty.ninja at yahoo dot com 

Samurai Tusok aka Matthew Arcilla is an overeducated twentysomething and a critically acclaimed spawn of Chinese-Bicolano cum Bataañeno descent and erstwhile freelance writer. He likes fruit smoothies and tasteless political incorrectness. He will FINALLY be finishing his studies at Kalayaan College.

matthewarcilla at gmail dot com / ourchairweb at yahoo dot com 

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