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Ouran High School Host Club: Let’s Have a Romantic Love June 25, 2006

Posted by Naughty Ninja in Anime, Ouran High School Host Club.

The Host Club

There’s little dispute among most that ‘harem anime’ love comedies thrive on formula. Few distinguish themselves beyond the pretty boys and physical comedy for one to be even worth recommending against another. As Theodore Sturgeon put it so eloquently, “Ninety percent of everything is crud.” However, every once in a while, a promising gem emerges from the rabble. After all, Sturgeon’s famous words also implied that ten percent of everything ISN’T crud, and that in my opinion, is certainly the case for Ouran High School Host Club.

Its clear that Ouran is unapologetic in getting its shoujo on — an immense amount of roses, sakura petals, and intricate lace borders decorate the opening sequence (as well as in the episodes themselves) with a clear ironic intent, and bounces to the beat of an opening theme reeking of hyperactive genki energy. The opening theme, Sakura Kiss, has the earnest Chieko Kawabe sings, “The reason for which people fall in love, is different for everyone but– maybe you’re my love.” the last hopeful sentence sung in sweet Engrish.

Maybe You're My Love?Essentially a fast paced comedy, the titular Host Club of Ouran is an exclusive social group where six gorgeous boys surround themselves with things of beauty and using their refined manners to entertain female guests with innocent fliration. The most engaging component of Ouran is in the intense polarization between its protagonist, Fujioka Haruhi, a “studious commoner” student on scholarship who could care less about the high society trappings of opulence, beauty and wealthy refinement and Tamaki Suoh, the Host Club’s reigning bishounen King.

But the show’s penchant for the unapologetic does not merely lie in its self-conscious air of visual winks and nudges, but in the metafictional gags as well, which while not entirely novel are witty enough in execution. In one instance, Tamaki declares, “Yes! This is a love school comedy to begin with! Haruhi and I are the main characters of this love comedy. Obviously, the rest of you are homo side characters.” He finishes by brandishing a stick and drawing a line between his importance to the plot and the supporting characters ostensible destiny as mere filler.

Haruhi, the Studious CommonerIt has been pointed out by viewers that Ouran has the potential to be the next Fruits Basket, but seven episodes in, and we’ve yet to see any deep emotional confessions, romantic hijinks, relational development, or dark and painful familial past. The general flow of the show seems to swing between two basic plots: Tamaki’s awkward and bizarre attempts to gain intimacy with Haruhi and his crusades towards granting the wishes of the heart to men and women alike.

If there’s anything it can be faulted for, it’s that it doesn’t give much of an impression that it plans to go anywhere in particular with its premise. Nonetheless, even though I may not know what’s going to happen at the end of the road, I’m pretty much enjoying the ride.

Tamaki, the Host King.

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1. punkednoodle - July 6, 2006

Wow. I’m on a roll here.

Interesting comment on Ouran, but it won’t follow the footsteps of Fruba. Perhaps, in terms of Hana to Yume/Lala title fame, but no… not exactly in the same sense as Fruba. Fruba, to me, has already switched itself to a shoujo dorama, leaning towards more to the dramatic resolution of this whole jyuunishi thing. Lots of tears. Lots of drama. So much unlike how we remembered it when it first started. Some might disagree with me, but I consider this as ‘the pubescence of the shoujo manga’ wherein the mangaka loses its initial identity, to turn emo where emo-ness have never reached before.

In the case of Ouran, it has reached, to my perspective, a little beyond that of Fruba as up til now, the manga has still kept a very balanced formula of love comedy. Bisco-sensei continues to give a slice of life of the characters, at the same time, showing how they develop as people. So far, among titles that are still running, only this and Perfect Girl Evolution (The Wallflower) have maintained this balance, or if may keep to my lingo, maturity.

Harem is such a dangerous word to use for this series (and until now, Bisco-sensei has been teasing her fans on who gets who), but strangely, it’s a well-executed harem title so far. I suggest to look and compare it to PGE while you’re at it.

2. Samurai Tusok - July 7, 2006

The phraseology of Ouran possibly becoming “the next Fruba” is meant in more dimensions than one, and is not to be attributed as a prediction on Naughty Ninja’s part, but one that has become the general consensus among many anime fans.

Some view this ‘one of the first solidly entertaining non-scifi/fantasy in a long time’. Others believe its ‘the bishoujo harem concept taken back to its roots and stripped of pretention’. And there are a few who just think, ‘finally, one of two animes that are highly similar in concept, but renew my interest in anime.’

Take your pick. This is because the the supposition that Ouran could be the next Fruba is meant to be a ‘summation statement’, one encapsulating the different camps who have said so, all with specific contexts in mind.

3. Chrisaurus - July 24, 2006

Reading this made me realise just how much Ouran High School Host Club is like Love Hina, not Fruits Basket.

While watching Love Hina, I remember thinking ‘where is this actually going?’. For me, it had a severe lack of storyline and never seemed to move forward, but it always seemed to entertain.

My point being; but maybe even Ouran High School Host Club is more generic than we actually realise? It’s certainly starting to get repetitive.

4. Naughty Ninja - July 25, 2006

Chrisaurus: Well as Samurai Tusok had already put it, I never meant to say that I personally believed that OHSHC is like FB, if anything, I think they’re worlds apart and can’t be compared to each other on any same level.

On the other hand, I really didn’t like Love Hina from the very start, since a female harem, uninteresting male lead with good intentions, and gratuitous fan service was never my thing. After around the 8th time main girl hit main boy and had him ping pong around the room, it lost any and all entertainment value for me.

While Ouran may fall into being repetitive, I certainly wouldn’t call it generic. If anything, I feel it began with the solid intention of making use of generic shoujo tropes with both irreverent intent (in the same way Cowboy Bepop or Martian Successor Nadesico went and played with sci-fi tropes). It remains to be seen if it can sustain itself, but I withhold final judgment until the final episode. It could quite possibly fall on its face as a series, and never fulfill its potentials as meta-fictional goodness, or end up somewhere between the two.

If anything, after the end of the first season, it seems like a real story is finally picking up. And what others see to be “less funny than usual” episodes are usually the ones where we finally see a bit of characterization. It all remains to be seen, and I like to remain positive and cautiously hopeful.

5. ichigo girl - August 16, 2006

Ah Ouran high school host club is the most beautiful funny anime i ‘ve watched its so funny that i stay all the time laughing
i love all the host club member especially,tamaki
they r all cute and lovely and funny.
i want to colect everything is about this anime
send to me ^^ i like to have friends

6. SHiNn_KuN - August 25, 2006

Ouran Koukou is very different from Furuba, there’s not trapped by angst and full of comedy romance.
I’d love this anime but I prefer the manga (it’s always make me laugh XP!). I love Hikaru and I hope he will be going out with Haruhi ^^; (impossible isn’t it? ;p)

7. Ana - September 11, 2006

D: i hope there is a second season!!! 26 episodes seems too short for this… especially since they are adding all this “late” character developement.. as well as new characters toward the end of the series…

8. Misako-ko - September 25, 2006

The 25th episode seemed to end kind of abruptly for me, and I’m sure my neighbors heard me as I yelled “That sucks BALLS!” when the ending credits rolled in. XD

I really want there to be a second season as well. Hopefully by the time the 26th episode is presented in english subtitles we’ll all know where exactly Tamaki’s, as well as that “girl”‘s, intentions lie.

9. Yuki - September 30, 2006

God !! .. I’m really sad cause it ended like that
i wanted it to be a little bit longer than 26 eps. (_ _)

10. livi - October 9, 2006

THERE MUST BE A SECOND SERIES!! i mean she still has to complete her dream! and she has to fall in love with one of them * tamaki* or *Hikaru* . . . . . *_* anyways ITS A BRILLIANT ANIME! WOOT!

11. sheena - October 11, 2006


a lot of people really want a second season for this! and i’m one too!


lol!..but the ending was pretty good..i love all the scenes especially the scene where tamaki and haruhi was sorta flying down to the water and they hugged..that was hella sweet!..

12. Ishmoo - November 14, 2006

I really enjoyed Ouran High School Host Club. Unlike more ambitious animes out there, it never aspires to be anything other than a lighthearted good time. Remaining faithful to its tongue and cheek premise till the end, it skewers shoujo conventions without resorting to being snide. Lots of folks seem disappointed by the ending but I thought it resolved rather nicely. After watching hundreds of hours of anime, I’ve become accustomed to the seemingly common anime convention of denying the audience closure. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing another season of this one.

13. Ambrosia - November 16, 2006

I really want a second season for this.
So i think if everyone writes letter’s to shojo beat then they’ll let the creator know and he might come back with a second season.

14. Amaya - December 28, 2006

I loved Ouran High School Host Club so much i got obsessed, the storyline was alwayz hilarious and made me laugh for ages.
It got me hooked for ages. After watching a hundred and million times, i thought that shojo beat should make a second season..
So i searched the web and found a petition to sign for a second season of Ouran High School Host Club.
I dont know if it will really work but we never know!
So please sign!

15. appartamento vacanza affitto roma - January 11, 2007

appartamento vacanza affitto roma


16. affitto case vacanza sardegna - January 11, 2007

affitto case vacanza sardegna


17. kitsune_hime - January 11, 2007

Ouran did have a hint of furuba in it, but the only reason I really thought that is because the voice actor/actress who did momiji’s voice ALSO did honey-sempai, and maybe because Tamaki in certain bits reminds me of shigure LOL XD but seriously, I started to watch Lovehina I have seen the first couple of DVDs, but I would have to dissagree about them being the same, that would be because Love hina is terribly more hentai, Ouran has more of a yaoi undertone, but Love Hina always had Otaku pleaser shots, eg. One of Naru-chan naked or leaning over Keitaro, and such as in Ouran: Kaoru and Hikaru doing the whole yaoi brotherly love thing. eg. In one ep when the girls who chose them ask why they are wearing kimonos Kaoru replies ” Our grandmother made them, so we feel it is our duty to wear them,” to which Hikaru adds “and it’s my duty to take them off..” doing the normal looking into kaoru’s eyes thing that he does, and Kaoru saying “Oh hikaru, not here…” it is all show but the way they are with each other sometimes is rather disturbing..lol. One thing that erks me about the anime is Beni Bara…. She is a typical shoujo-ai chick, it’s like “Oh everything is so tragic ohime-sama, lets run away together and have shoujo-ai my sweet” I can honestly say it disgusts me, and Renge irritates me for most of the series… But NO WHERE NEAR AS MUCH as Beni Bara, She doesn’t deserved to be called sama, I wonder is you can add “stereotypical les” as a honorific? But regardless of what I said about the twins, I really like them, I just don’t like the yaoi undertone, it’s weird, but I really like Kyouya and Tamaki, they rock! My favourite characters, I haven’t finished watching the whole thing but I am up to 21, but I have heard there is a girl called claire who is engaged to Tamaki which annoyed me something shocking, but I found out they don’t end up together so I was happy 🙂 Anywho, I like Ouran but the whole shoujo-ai theme and shounen-ai theme is getting stale, I didn’t like it at all from the start, but now it’s just getting too common in shoujo mangas and animes, But as I said I really like ouran!

18. jen - February 3, 2007

I’m a little late to the party, but here are my thoughts on Ouran:

First off, excluding the final two eps of the anime, the show and the manga both are, at their cores, about a bunch of teenagers finding their own identities and generally growing up.

Surrounding that core is comedy that is mostly a parody of typical shoujo archetypes.

And that’s why this show isn’t going to be the “next Furuba” (even if it does get another season someday). It’s NOT really the romantic comedy that everyone thinks it is. From reading author notes and whatnot, it seems unlikely to me that Bisco Hatori (the original creator) will end the series having Haruhi and Tamaki together as a full-on romantic couple.

(FWIW, I exclude the final two episodes of the anime because, without spoiling anything, they take a very sharp turn into more of a drama, where the plot’s focus shifts to external forces, rather than the internal aspects of the main characters.)

19. kareina - February 4, 2007

I love ouran high school host club. If my school has a host club like, I’m really happy. I gonna wait for the second”OURAN HOST CLUB”

20. deathlyxhallows - February 8, 2007

Ouran is not the same as Fruba, I personally think Ouran is better. But, it has been titeled school and comedy, so I suppose it won’t be an all romantic serie, I still hope so though.. Hikaru and Haruhi are cute together, but as someone else here already said they won’t end up toghether that easily. Maybe it will, but then it will only be because the commerciality.

21. mai - February 21, 2007

you know what when saw the ouran highschool host club, i fel that i am in love again, this romantic funny story …….. basta di ko na lam sasabihin ko … ilove hthis anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

22. amineko - February 22, 2007

kawaii host club!!!!!

23. henmei17_cheng29 - February 27, 2007

am i already late for this commotion??!…
well i just saw the whole episode last week…
and….i don’t like it…
I LOVE IT!!!….
A LOT!!!…
even my cousin that don’t like anime…
she got hooked up so hard…
that she wanted another season!!…



25. Haruchi - March 18, 2007

I need need neeed neeeeeeeeed more host club even if it’s just a movie!!

26. Ricalyn - March 20, 2007

ang cute nila,promice,,to the highest level,,hindi na ka2sawa…kht paulit2 qoh itong pinapanood..hayyyy!!!!!!! ang ganda talaga….

27. dj - April 6, 2007

I liked it start a season two

28. satamusic - April 6, 2007

season 2.

29. Yuki - April 9, 2007

Definitly. Its really good, and of course, theres still the undying questions of what happens when Honey-Sempai and Mori-Senpai graduate, will Hikaoru ever realize he’s love for Haruhi, what going to happen!!!!! i need a season two!!!!

30. _Cecily_ - April 19, 2007

I feel in love with this cartoon >.

31. sille21 - April 19, 2007

Is there really gonna have season 2? Some sites say that… there’s really NO season 2…But one site said that the season 2 of OHSHC is being aired in Japan since April fools… Don’t know what and who to believe, since I’m not from Japan and can’t confirm it somehow… Anyway, it is really great… animation-wise and story-wise… I always cried and laughed aloud with their funny antics… I really like Tamaki a lot! I wonder when he’ll realize his true feelings for Haruhi and drop the ‘I’m her father…’ mentality…LOL!

and it can’tbe the next FRuiTs BaSkeT… since, for me it is WAY BETTER than it…

bsta astig ng anime na ‘to… wink wink

I’ll definitely watch out for the season 2, if there’s any…

32. LucyLied - April 28, 2007

I am not someone who would watch something that sounded so “romantic and girly”, but I wanted to test the first three episodes. It only took the first episode to hook me. I read that this was ranked #3 in a “Best of 2006” poll and I’m sorry, but I completely disagree. This is THE best in its genre, flat out.

The art is great, the story is perfect, and the characters are flawless for this setting. It’s a great anime that I highly recommend!

33. sayfullah - April 28, 2007

ohh come on god please there must be the second season i mean this perfect series cant and shouldnt finishe this much fast like this there must be a second season if there isnt then they must do it i am just begging them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do the seond season.

season 2 please ,

dont make the lovers suffer anymore.

34. harshi - May 6, 2007

i think their probably waitin for the manga to get over cos they dont want to giv false hopes thru the anime…
the manga will either be a haruhixtamaki or haruhixhikaru ending..

so if they make a second season and show it to be a tamakixharuhi ending(it was goin in that direction in the the anime show) then..u kno the manga reader may believe it to be..or something.blah blah,,anyways i think their jus waitin for the manga to get over..gakuen heaven the anime had a diff ending from the mana and many of the viewrs didnt like it for that reason but wateva..ilikd it…
lets jus hope that their waitin for the maga’s final chp….
(*hopin its a tamaki haruhi ending*)

35. ninath - May 14, 2007

i want the second season of this.. everyone wants it…hehe
i love this show.

36. claire - May 14, 2007

hey… i dont get it… some sites said there’ll be a second season and some say there’ll be not. i dont know which is true.. huhuhuhuhu but how i wish there is, and i love this show very much well let’s wait for the time it have.

37. Larxene - May 17, 2007

well… i both love ouran high school host club and fruits basket….the guys are so cute and handsome….i love the stories and how would the heroine help them with their problems……I also like the songs that were featured in this series…. i love kyo and hikaru…they resemble each other…..i wish there would be a second season in both series…..i already watched both of them many times and you will never grow tired of it….i am now collecting ouran and fruits basket manga i wish i could complete quickly…… PLEASE MAKE A SECOND SEASON….i need to know what happened after that…PLEASE….

38. Rebecca - May 21, 2007

I NEED A SECOND SEASON OF THE ANIME!!! I AM DYE-ING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the first season on Youtube and I luuuuuved it!
Aaaaaaargh! I h8 the fact that there will never BE a second season (go to For Richer Or Poorer).

39. rebbys - May 21, 2007

*Note: I am the same person as Rebecca*
I think that Ouran Host Club should have a second season because non-manga readers (who are fans of Ouran) can find out what happens. The thing I seriously don’t understand is why other animes happen to have a second season and this one doesn’t. I personally think that Ouran is the best anime in the world and DESERVES a second season, but that’s my opinion.
Other than that, I love all the characters. I am somewhat like Haruhi, not a girly-girl and all that stuff. The story is amazing.
IT NEEDS A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40. Valeria - May 22, 2007

ohhh men please!!!!! i got with this not so good news about the only 26-27 chapters of ouran…i said waht the heck!? first this is the best shojo show i have witness leaving aside chobits and sakura but they do need a second season! i don’t know but we will have to wait long if they decide to put the 2nd on air. It’s like 1 or tow years!! and being so away from Japan! *sob *sob
well i really look foward to see the second season and i want to know waht happens with Tamaki- senpai and Haruhi! they make such a good pair! (personally i don’t like the pairing with hikaru…they don’t fit)
ps: love this anime..but i’m already a big fan of Inuyasha!!! it’s the best of the best and then goes

41. MrsTamakiSuou.x - May 25, 2007

I have read on various fansites that there will under no circumstances a second series of Ouran, and that makes me die a little inside. I was really into Fruits Basket and then I discovered Ouran, which, in my opinion, is far better. I read the Furuba manga and it is excellent but I’m yet to read Ouran, simply because I want to start reading the mangas that follow on from the anime but I’m yet to find out roughly which volume that is.

I would LOVE a second series of Ouran to be made but my hopes are not high (-_-) fingers crossed though!

42. Furba lover - May 25, 2007

I think I’m a little late on starting the series. ^_^ Just so you all know.

I think Ouran High School is a lot like Furba even if others don’t really see it, it is. A couple of the characters are really similar. . .

To help this series along, I think there should be more like. . . a suspense-building romantic comedy. If it was a MORE suspense-building romantic comedy. Another way is to not drag things out so much. LOTS of action! LOTS of Drama! It could work, it really could.

Otherwises, its great. All of it is addicting and i love it all. Though, since I’ve read so much manga and anime stuff, it all starts to seem the same. I guess that’s a sign I’m going to fast, huh? ^_^

43. HikaruXKaoru4life - May 31, 2007

ok, yeah.
so let my just start off by saying its the best anime EVER! beats everything from escaflowne (lol im gonna get beat up for that) to dragon ball z, to like everything in between!
its fun, airy and in some way, clears your conscience. it’s been so much fun seeing the episodes and id watch them 50 more times just for that…. still doesnt mean i could watch it with just everyone (like my mom, for instance who twiches at the word “anime” and my other friends… T-T that’s sad..) my brother likes it though- wich is odd… L.L
anyway, id LOVE to hear that there would be a second season (there better!) to see what happens, cause the ending is weird- i love it and all but i think it leaves a whole lot of loose ends about what happens to the characters after- plus id like to hear more of the twins^^
lol im gonna start a petition: who votes second season??

44. cataroo - May 31, 2007

I dont think ouran and fruits basket are alike. they dont share the similar atmosphere, or the same situation at all. Their are femine boys, and it surounds a girl, but that is about it.

45. m0n!x - June 15, 2007

omg! takashi is so handsome! and the twins!they are so awsome!
i really love ouran!


46. haruhi_parfait!!!! - June 26, 2007

awwwww…. i wish there was a second season for this anime… plsssssssssss….sa kahit kanino jan,,,,,,,, i relly love the host club xpecially sa twins!!!!!!,,,,ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!hikaru and kaouru ure the best.,,,,,,,,,,,

47. Shane - July 6, 2007

Yea, the first season just stoped in the rong spot.. but there is not much to go on for a second season, i havent read the books myself, but if they are out of ideas, why not ask the fans for ideas 😛 but dont forget this is a Jap show, and a anime, that means if there is going to be a second season it wont realy matter to us but its depends on the people that want it in Jepan.

and yes i want to see a second season

48. Shane - July 6, 2007

sorry about repost but i just saw 😀 its been 1 year since today that this was started, i rule 😀

49. jj - July 6, 2007

I have alot of ideas the could try valenines day ,christmas, news years and birthdays ,etc.

50. shihouin - July 12, 2007

I really want a second season..I really do!!!! 😥

51. inteligent_person - July 12, 2007

oooo tamaki-sempai
I´love tamaki-sempai!!
is a beautifull
he is a creazy and stupid person

you is baka

bye bye!

52. lok_maniatik - July 12, 2007

es mui buena esa serie
y a todas las estupidas y taradas ke se enamores de tamaki
se las veran con migo
no tienen posibilidades contra mi
ya saben
tamaki sempai es mio y de nadie mas ( aunke no sea de verdad pero en fin )
se los advierto


53. Erika May G.de Castro - July 28, 2007


54. Erika May G.de Castro - July 28, 2007


55. Olga - August 6, 2007

jaj no es mi tamaki es mas bkn de todo mundo!!!!
Ojala qeu abra segunda temporata es tan genial ese anime me emamore altiro de el asi que si alguen save algo de segunda temporada avise porfavior!!

56. animelover - August 24, 2007

i relli relli want a second season…cuz this anime is the best ever!
ya…some sites say that there’s gunna be a second season…*shrugs*
of course i hope there will be one

57. Richard - September 1, 2007

I’m not sure about this series, I’ve already bought the DVD’s (part 1 & part 2 – I had to get them imported from the USA and they weren’t cheap! But I thought I’d show my support to the studio) because I read that it was so romantic and funny and everyone loves it….

BUT, I don’t get it. Is there ever any romance between Haruhi and Tamaki?

From what I’ve read on Wikipedia, Haruhi is basically asexual and has no feelings for anyone, and the flowery style of the artwork is meant to be ironic. If it’s going to be like that, I think I’ll throw the DVD’s away in disgust; it’s just too depressing! My one secret vice (apart from my over-sized stash of porn) is romantic anime; the more sweet and romantic the better. Is Ouran High really romantic or just a comedy?

I’ve got this site bookmarked and I’ll be checking back in, so please post a reply (or email me) if you know. I can’t bear to watch the DVD’s and then face disapointment :-S

58. saudi ! - September 19, 2007

اقول انا سعودي وبتكلم بلغتي !!
منيب رايح اتكلم انقليزي !
فاضي لكم !
الي بيفهم يفهم
والي موب فاهم
بالطقاق !!
والله انا بصرااااحه احب ذا الانيمي مره
مدرسة اوران العليا للضيافه
اوران هايي سكول هاوست كلوب ! ياازينهم

59. Suki - September 25, 2007

Watching all 26 episodes, I have to say that this anime is 10 times better than Fruits Basket (consequently, Fruits Basket is one of my favorites, which is saying a lot.) In Fruits Baskets, Tohru’s compulsive concern for the other characters gradually gets annoying as the story progresses, but in Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi’s coolness, level head indifference, yet strong feminine echoes makes her a smooth, likable main character. She is a suave compliment to the whimsical, mental characters surrounding her in the Host Club. (Making a delicious recipe for hilarity, and some rather deep, in-depth characterization.) As the story progresses, we learn about the characters and why they have donned the masks of stereotypical bishounen types (which is strange, seeing these character’s actually refer to themselves as “glasses type” or “loli-shota type” as they tweak their performances for the Club’s profit.) We learn about their true aspirations and dreams, and why they have formed together, relationships building along the way, eventually leading up to the action/drama packed grand finale. Not only is this a beautiful romance comedy, but it is a clever kick at the otaku culture and a powerful statement on the gap between social classes.

60. Waltraud - October 3, 2007

Richard, if you want to see some romantic developments between Tamaki and Haruhi I’m afraid that you should read the manga…I know it’s sad, but for now there isn’t an anime secon season and personally I doubt that there will ever be one (of course, I still hope to be wrong).
And no, Haruhi isn’t asexual.
Granted she’s too pratical to spend her time fantasizing about romance and drooling over guys, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t realistically fall in love with another individual. And concerning this particular issue the manga has been recently proving me right ^_^

61. NevaNitty - November 1, 2007



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62. cheryl - November 5, 2007

Wow!! I really in love with ouran host club!! It’s realy make me lol!! I love haruhi and also lolly shota boy. but i changr my mind@ haruhi +kaoru is my favorite!!!

Do ypu have ouran host club creator e-mail?? I want to chat with her/him.please reply!!! sooon

63. rin-chan - November 12, 2007

Cheryl, no one has Hatori e-mail, she’s a very private person…and even if you had the chance to chat with her, then you would speak fluent japanese, since she doesn’t understand english.

64. Plauch - April 1, 2008

Hello guys
Wasjust serfing on net and found this site…want to say thanks. Great site and content!

65. Kayee - April 21, 2008

it’s confirmed there is a season 2
actually, OHSHC season 2 has been released
in japan and currently showing it in TV stations.
And I myself witnessed it there is one!
I know isn’t it great..!
As I’ve remembered I think the plot is about
what kyouya and tamaki’s dad was talking about in
the last episode..!
Isn’t it exciting…I hope they’ll release it here soon…

66. viola - May 7, 2008

Kayee are you sure ?!!! Like absolutely 100% sure?
I don’t think I can survive another disappointment about ouran. XP

67. mjus - May 7, 2008

Kayee, you’re such a liar….and pretty much rude, too, for setting people’s hopes high with your lies. Shame on you. Seriously.

68. Miranda - July 18, 2008

can someone please email me and tell me if there is anymore animes or manga’s made by those of ouran host clubs staff or writer or whatever? and if you watched the anime is the manga the same or would you recomend i watch both?

69. WeibiaCax - October 10, 2008

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70. Pikachu :D - October 16, 2008

I’ve pretty much watched the anime and read the manga. I’ve also watched and read Furuba as well 😀 In my opinion, both are really wonderful in their own rights. I can kind of see where the comparisons are coming from.

For me, I prefer Ouran, mostly because I like lighthearted things. Ouran accomplishes the same things Furuba does for me–all the emotions, life lessons, etc. etc. but in a much more light-hearted fashion (: They’re both so touching though ; w ;

For people who thought the Ouran anime was a bit generic, please PLEASE read the manga. The story has a lot of depth for me, not only because of their unique personalities but because of their beliefs. Tamaki never ceases to amaze me * 3 * Anyways, the story’s getting a little more serious, so try it out~ Onemanga.com is good at keeping it updated as soon as possible.

71. rob1234 - November 1, 2008

Eh, I’ve always considered Haruhi to be asexual. Asexuality doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love, it just means your not interested in sex. Plenty of asexuals fall in love. Some of them have kids, too. In our sex-crazed society, however, characters like Haruhi who would rather have no part of it tend to be disliked.

72. reysham - December 28, 2008

um…is there a second season on ouran high??????

73. Orca Queen - April 16, 2009

I’m late to the game, but I love this series! And I’m not a romantic-shoujo person typically, but intentional skewering of romance tropes had me hooked from the start.

I’ve always secretly hoped Haruhi *was* asexual, just for the joy of having an asexual surrounded by hot men or girls but be completely oblivious to them. Even so, I’m not averse to her developing a romance especially since it won’t be one that has been based on sparkly good looks.

Haruhi is a pragmatic, common-sense girl for our times. After puking at the antics of Edward and Bella Swan on screen the other day, Haruhi is a breath of fresh air.

And why would an asexual character be depressing? I wish “a”s got as much airtime as gays get these days–there are more asexual people out there than you think, and their social interaction are no less interesting than those of people of any other orientation.

74. Miki neko - April 21, 2009

please may i ask if there is a second season for
“ouran high school host club”?
they got to make more!!!!we all love this anime!please dont just give us 1season im not tlking about just the manga if the manga has 2nd season already but im also talking about the anime we want to watch it and read it please keep going !!!♥Fan of Ouran high school host club

75. The Son Of Heaven - November 27, 2009

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82. Charese - February 24, 2017

I realy would have liked a second season of ouran host club, I loved it so much, Tamaki is great but I’d prefer Hikaru, she help him grow and I think it would have been nice, but even so, tamaki is also a great person, would have liked to see the anime continue. If not Thanks anyway for the great series that realy made me smile. Please Make more creative and awesome funny series. 🙂

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